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Working groups

The project will establish ad hoc Technical Working Groups where necessary for the orientation and implementation of the assessment and survey work and other activities.

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The first CCLME PSC meeting agreed on the establishment of a number of technical working groups to assist the development process of a TDA and the elaboration of a SAP for the CCLME.

In addition, the CCLME project and the participating countries will  contribute to the upkeep and strenghthening of the two existing CECAF working groups on stock assessment of Demersal Ressources and Pelagic Resources to ensure  the required stock assessment information is availaible on the CCLME region. Countries have been requested to nominate experts to participate in each of the working groups.

The working groups to be established by the CCLME project are:

Component 1: Multi-country process and frameworks for understanding and addressing priority transboundary concerns (Process component)

Component 2: Strengthened policies and management, based on improved knowledge and demonstration actions, to address priority transboundary concerns on declining marine living resources of the CCLME (Marine living resources component)


Component 3: Strengthened knowledge, capacity and policy base for transboundary assessment and management of habitat, biodiversity and water quality critical to fisheries (Habitat, biodiversity and water quality component)


Regional Coordinating Unit
Dakar, Senegal
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