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Marine living resources

Component 2: Strengthened policies and management, based on improved knowledge and demonstration actions, to address priority transboundary concerns on declining marine living resources of the CCLME

FAO © Ivo Balderi; Fishermen arriving with catch. Senegal

This "marine living resources" component aims at improved knowledge and capacity for management of marine living resources (including through scientific assessments) as well as strengthened regional policies, instruments and capacity for management to address priority concerns on marine living resources. It also includes the demonstration of management actions to address priority transboundary concerns on marine living resources.

The project will establish ad hoc Technical Working Groups where necessary for the orientation and implementation of the assessment and survey work and other activities.

The CCLME project includes multi-country demonstration actions to test ways of addressing the declining fisheries in the Canary Current large marine ecosystem.

A rigorous selection process has resulted in the choice of five demonstration projects to be implemented by the CCLME project, participating countries and partners. The projects to be implemented under component 2 are:


Regional Coordinating Unit
Dakar, Senegal
Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)

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